Salt Therapy Testimonials

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of both working and building relationships with a variety of exceptional people. Below you can see what they have to say about salt therapy and the Salt Clinic Ireland:

  • I am a 57-year-old lady with a history of upper respiratory congestion and sinusitis. This has been on going for a number of years and exacerbates in the summertime with raised pollen levels. I have had 6 sessions at the Salt Clinic at 175 Ballygawley Road, Dungannon. After my first visit I noted that I could breathe deeper and that there was some evidence of nasal mucous and I brought up some phlegm when I coughed. After 15 – 20 minutes in the room I could feel and taste the salt in my mouth but this was not unpleasant. I also noted that my knees which would normally be stiff did not feel as stiff. The experience in the salt room was very pleasant and relaxing. Overall I feel the 6 sessions have helped to loosen the mucous and I can cough easier and bring up phlegm. My nasal passage is clearer and I can breathe deeper, I have noticed this difference especially when I am walking.

    I will continue to use the Salt room on a monthly basis to maintain the benefits I feel at present.

    Sheila, Sinusitis and Upper Respiratory Congestion

  • I am a 60 year old male who has suffered badly with COPD for the past 9 years. I find it difficult getting around as I become breathless very easily. I use my inhaler a lot through the day and as part of my respiratory issue find it difficult to cough up any phlegm. However, since I began my session at the Salt Clinic I noticed changes almost immediately.  When breathing during the session I felt it in my chest and some movement of the mucous. The following day I coughed up a lot of phlegm, more than I ever would in a day, this was also much easier than normal.  I am also using my inhaler less. This pattern has continued over the 6 sessions and I hope it will continue as plan to keep this a regular part of my week.  I am also happy to say that I am sleeping more comfortably. Finally the staff at Salt Clinic  Ireland have been great and have made my time here at the clinic very relaxing and comfortable. 

    Eugene, COPD

  • When I started the salt therapy clinic I had just got a chest infection. Usually it would take at least 2 weeks to clear up however this infection only took 1 week. . I feel this was because of my time spent in the salt room.

    I feel the treatments I received were very beneficial as my breathing was a lot more relaxed and effortless. I would usually have a rattily chest and this could be heard in my breathing but after a few treatments this rattle went away and my breathing was a lot clearer.

    I also found a significant difference in my ability to do endurance running. This was an area of physical activity that I was weak in prior to the treatment and I felt the salt clinic helped to greatly improve this.

    Not only did I feel it improved my chest condition but my whole system and generally I left each treatment feeling better and revitalised. However after the 4th and 5th session I seemed to hit a wall and was not feeling as good but by my 6th session I was back on track. I have not been to the clinic in 2 weeks and my chest feels like it has almost gone back to how it was originally so I will be returning to the salt clinic as I feel 6 sessions was not enough to make a long term difference to my chest condition. 

    Conor, Bronchitis and recurring chest infections

  • I have been to the salt rooms six times over the last 3 weeks and the difference I i have felt has been great. In the morning I would usually wake up with a sore throat, nose and a pain across my forehead which was put down to Sinus issues. Since attending the Salt rooms all of the above has left and I can also sleep much better because I can breathe better. I would recommend anyone with any Sinus trouble to give the Salt Room at Salt Therapy Ireland a try.

    Cathy, 16yrs old Sinusitis sufferer


    My two children aged 10 and 7 used the salt rooms, one suffers from hay fever and the other sinusitis. The results were amazing. The sinusitis sufferer immediately felt her nasal passages unblocking and the release of pressure just between her eyebrows, this was after just one session, subsequent sessions further improved her condition. The child with hay fever felt an immediate ease, his eyes became less swollen, his sneezing virtually stopped.  As a parent I found the whole experience immensely relaxing. The room is a very calm environment, the seating extremely comfortable and when I inhaled the salt air I felt a sense of well being and restoration. I quite easily fell into a state of deep relaxation and could quite happily have stayed in the room all afternoon!  I couldn’t recommend this experience highly enough, go and find out for yourself!

    Mellon Family - Hayfever & Sinusitis


    The salt room has I feel helped my asthma and cleared my sinuses after only a couple of weeks treatment. I would recommend it as a treatment and endorse the claims made on your advrtisement. It has also helped my sleep and I think made my skin softer!!

    Denise - Sinusitis and Asthma

  • I am a 52 year old lady who suffers from sinusitis. After my first visit to the salt room I was surprised by the amount of nasal mucous that cleared from my system. I attended a further 5 sessions and by the end of them I felt great! I could breathe more easily, around and below my eyes weren't swollen and I had no headaches. I found the whole experience to be very relaxing and peaceful. I have been back to the salt room for a further 4 sessions and I will continue to do this periodically as I have found these visits to be of great benefit to both my sinus problem and my general wellbeing. I would definitely recommend this treatment, especially for anyone with upper respiratory congestion and sinusitis. 

    Alice, Sinusitis

  • I am a 53 year old male and I have has C.O.P.D for the past 3 years.  I find it difficult to use my arms however since going to the salt clinic almost immediately I could wash and polish my car which before I could not do.  My breathing is a lot easier and I use my inhaler less.   My sleeping has improved a lot.  I have attentded the salt clinic regularly for the past month and find it has helped me alot.
    Finally the staff at the Salt Therapy Ireland have been very pleasant and helpful and made my time there very comfortable.

    John C.O.P.D

  • Our grandson who is 6 years old was bad with asthma an getting colds all the time. Since attending the salt therapy clinic we notice straight away he stopped tossing and turning in bed at night. There has been no colds. Also there has been a great improvement in his asthma . we would be happy to recommend this therapy to anyone. Many thanks to the staff.

    Jac, 6 years old, Asthma


    When I first attended the Salt Clinic at Ballygawley Road, Dungannon, just over two weeks ago, I had not been able to smell or taste anything for about 3 months due to my Sinusitis, I have tried all sorts of medication and nasal sprays for this problem for many years but nothing has worked. At the end of my first session at the Salt Clinic I did not detect any improvement at all but by the time I got home, 30 minutes later; I could taste and smell again which was absolutely amazing.

    I have had 7 more sessions at the Salt Clinic and have fully recovered my senses of smell and  taste as well as being able to breathe a lot better as my sinuses are completely clear. 

    I am a singer in a band and have found that also as a result of attending the Salt Clinic  these sessions have ‘cleaned’ my vocal chords in some way allowing me to reach high notes more easily, and make singing easier in general, this is a bonus as I was only there to clear my sinuses.

    I cannot recommend the Salt Clinic highly enough, the results that can be achieved here for many different ailments are really fantastic as I have found out by talking to other users, the staff there are very attentive and professional and make sure you have a comfortable and relaxed experience but don’t just take my word for it, try it for yourself, you won’t be sorry.

    Rodney - Sinusitis sufferer.

  • I have suffered from asthma for a very long time and needed the use of my inhalers every day.  A friend had recommended that I use the salt clinic to help my asthma and so I thought I would give it a go.  I have been visiting the salt clinic twice a month now for this last 6 to 8 months.  I no longer need to use my inhalers as it has helped me so much.  Since using the salt clinic, my peak flow has never been below 400, whereas before using the salt clinic I could never get it above 275-300. It is one of the best experiences I have ever had and would highly recommend it to anyone with asthma.

    Mary, Asthma

  • I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone suffering from respiratory problems.  When I first attended I could barely climb the stairs and with my daughter’s wedding in under three weeks I needed some sort of help.  After my first session I found a great difference and as the week went on I greatly improved.  The service I received and the welcome on arrival was also great.  I definitely recommend to anyone suffering from COPD and will definitely return again.

    Christine, COPD

  • I am a mild asthmatic and since November I have had six courses of antibiotics and four courses of steroids and felt my shoulders were up around my ears from coughing and that my immune system was down around my boots.

    Recently I heard about the salt therapy clinic and made an enquiry for an appointment. Over this past two weeks I have had 10 sessions and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my health.

    My youngest grandson has also been attending for nasal problems. He is only 10 months and we have also seen an improvement with him. 

    I would certainly recommend this treatment to anyone.  My daughter and I were made very welcome by Carmel & Eoin and nothing was a problem.

    I certainly will be back but hopefully not in the near future.

    Liz, Asthma