Salt Therapy For: Cold & Flu

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Someone suffering from common cold displays symptoms of runny nose, sneezing nasal and sinus blockage, headache and sore throat. Many people confuse flu with common cold.

An attack of flu is much more severe than cold. Flu infects the airway tract in the nose and throat that can sometimes spread down into the lungs. The flu season begins in the Autumn and continues during winter. A person with the flu virus experiences symptoms like body aches, high fever, dry cough, red eyes, weakness, flushed skin and dry cough.

If you are suffering from cold or flu, salt therapy will bring relief by opening the nasal airways, killing bacteria and facilitating the drainage of the sinuses. If you are suffering from chest congestion you will start breathing easier as the halotherapy accelerates mucous clearance from your lungs.

Salt Therapy also reduces stress which might weaken your immune system. Treatment in our Salt Clinic helps to strengthen and rejuvenate your natural defence system.

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