Salt Therapy For: Sinusitis

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Salt Therapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free, providing effective relief for people suffering from sinusitis.  It can be used as an effective complementary treatment. We have provided some information on your condition so you can gain a better understanding of what's happening in your body.

Sinusitis is an infection of the spaces behind your cheek bones and forehead called the sinuses. These spaces are usually free of germs, but can become infected when a person is congested and the mucus gets stuck in the sinuses. It is usually caused by an infection (bacterial or viral), but can also be caused by allergic reactions or other responses to environmental agents.The sinuses are four paired air pockets located within the bones of the face:

  • the frontal sinuses; located above the eyes, in the central region of each eyebrow
  • the maxillary sinuses; located within the cheekbones, just to either side of the nose
  • the ethmoid sinuses; located between the eyes, just behind the bridge of the nose
  • the sphenoid sinuses; located just behind the ethmoid sinuses, and behind the eyes

The sinuses are connected with the nose, they are lined with the same kind of skin found elsewhere within the respiratory tract.  This skin has tiny little hairs projecting from it, called cilia. The cilia beat constantly, to help move the mucus produced in the sinuses into the respiratory tract. The beating cilia sweeping the mucus along the respiratory tract helps to clear the respiratory tract of any debris, or any organisms which may be present. When the lining of the sinuses is at all swollen, the swelling interferes with the normal flow of mucus. Trapped mucus can then fill the sinuses, causing an uncomfortable sensation of pressure and providing an excellent environment for the growth of infection-causing bacteria.

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