How Salt Therapy Works

How Salt Therapy Works | Salt Clinic Ireland

During a treatment we simulate a microclimate similar to a natural salt cave. A saline dispensing unit will release negatively ionized dry aerosol micro particles of salt into the room.

We monitor temperature, humidity and salt concentration in the air. The walls and floor of our salt room are covered with natural salt which attract water molecules, this helps to maintain a stable, hypoallergenic, anti bacterial environment throughout the whole session. Our air exchange system ensures that after each treatment the air is completely extracted and replenished.

While you breathe normally in the salt room you inhale those micro particles which can enter the upper airways and the lungs.  The salt has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

This helps to reduce the inflammation and bacteria growth, breaks and shifts mucus so that the patient can cough it up and get it out of their system.  The airways get cleared and cleansed.  With every session this process can happen on a deeper level to reduce the symptoms.

We offer separate clinics for adults and children.  Children (under 16) must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times who will have free access to the treatment room.

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